Section 14-4.191 - Preoperational review

14-4.191 Preoperational review.

It is the responsibility of the operator of a mobile food service establishment or pushcart to construct, equip, furnish, maintain and operate the mobile food service establishment or pushcart under his control in compliance with the requirements of this Subpart and other applicable laws, rules and regulations. Prior to constructing, major renovation, or commencing operation of a mobile food service establishment or pushcart, the permit-issuing official may require all mobile food service establishments and pushcarts under his control to submit sketches or plans showing the floor layout, equipment, plumbing, ventilation, refuse storage facilities, sewage disposal facilities and similar information. Submission and review of plans does not relieve the operator of a food service establishment or his successor from meeting all requirements of this code.

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Friday, February 22, 1985
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