Section 40-2.58 - Lead poisoning prevention; performance standards

Section 40-2.58 Lead poisoning prevention; performance standards

(a) The local health department shall maintain a lead poisoning prevention program, which shall include, at a minimum:

(1) activities to identify risk factors for childhood lead poisoning, including locations in the municipality where exposure of children to lead is likely;

(2) activities to educate the community as to the dangers of lead toxicity;

(3) for all children aged one and two years old, and other children at risk of exposure to lead, ensuring provision of:

(i) access to blood lead testing services;

(ii) appropriate case coordination; and

(iii) environmental intervention;

(4) reporting of pertinent blood lead testing information and follow up activities in a manner acceptable to the Commissioner, provided that this provision shall not be interpreted to limit the jurisdiction of the local health department to require additional reporting in accordance with local law.

(b) The cost of removal or covering lead paint or of relocating persons exposed to lead paint shall not be eligible for State Aid.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014
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