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Monday, January 29, 1973
Statutory Authority: 
Social Services Law, Sections 20, 34

Section 390.1 - General.

Section 390.1 General. A social services district may accept, receive and expend public and private donated grants of money, property or services. Expenditures for such gifts for social services shall, if approved by the department, be subject to reimbursement by the State, not pursuant to section 153 or any other provision of the Social Services Law, but in accordance with department regulations to the extent of any, and only in the amount of, Federal funds, if any, properly received or to be received on account of such expenditures.


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Section 390.2 - Reimbursement.

390.2 Reimbursement. Expenditures of such donations for social services, whether provided directly by a social services district or by purchase, may be eligible for reimbursement, subject to the approval of the department, under the following circumstances and conditions:

(a) There shall be a written agreement between the social services district and the donor, which agreement shall meet all State and Federal requirements pertaining thereto, and a copy of such agreement shall be submitted to the department prior to the proposed effective date thereof.

(b) The donations shall be transferred to the local social services district and be under its administrative control.

(c) The donations shall be on an unrestricted basis (except that funds donated to support a particular kind of activity, or to support a particular kind of activity in a named community, shall be acceptable provided the donating organization is not the sponsor or operator of the activity being funded).

(d) The donation shall not be earmarked for a particular individual or for members of a particular organization.

(e) The donations shall not revert to the donor's facility or use.

(f) The donations shall comprise the full non-Federal (State and local) share of the cost of the service being purchased.

(g) Federal funds are available for the service activity being funded.


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