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Title: Section 425.18 - Pharmaceutical services

Effective Date


425.18 Pharmaceutical services. The operator must:

(a) develop and implement written policies and procedures governing medications brought to the program site by registrants;

(b) ensure that pharmaceutical services, when provided for registrants, are in conformance with section 415.18 of this Subchapter, exclusive of the requirements of section 415.18(c);

(c) ensure that each registrant's drug regimen is reviewed at least once every six months by a registered pharmacist in accordance with the registrant's person-centered care plan and otherwise modified as needed following consultation with the registrant’s attending practitioner. Any modification to the drug regimen must be documented in the registrant's clinical record and included as a revision to the registrant's person-centered care plan; and

(d) ensure that written policies and procedures require the pharmacist to report any irregularity in a registrant's drug regimen and recommendations to the registrant's attending practitioner and to the program coordinator, with appropriate documentation in the registrant's clinical record and person-centered care plan.


VOLUME C (Title 10)