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Title: Section 425.10 - Medical services

Effective Date


425.10 Medical services. The operator must, without limiting its responsibility for the operation and management of the program:

(a) assign to the operator's medical board, medical advisory committee, medical director or consulting practitioner the following responsibilities regarding registrants of the program:

(1) developing and amending clinical policies;

(2) supervising medical services;

(3) advising the operator regarding medical and medically related problems;

(4) establishing procedures for emergency practitioner coverage, records and consultants; and

(5) establishing professional relationships with other institutions and agencies, such as general hospitals, rehabilitation centers, residential health care facilities, home health agencies, hospital outpatient departments, clinics and laboratories;

(b) ensure that medical services, including arranging for necessary consultation services, are provided to registrants of the program in accordance with sections 415.15(b)(1), (2)(ix), (3) and (4) of this Subchapter;

(c) provide or arrange for the personal, staff or other designated practitioner to obtain a medical history and a physical examination of each registrant, including diagnostic laboratory and x-ray services, as medically indicated, within six weeks before or seven days after admission to the program;

(d) ensure that the practitioner record, date and authenticate significant findings of the medical history, physical examination, diagnostic services, diagnoses and orders for treatment in the registrant's clinical records; and

(e) ensure that orders for treatment include orders for medication, diet, permitted level of physical activity and, when indicated, special orders or recommendations for rehabilitative therapy services and other adult day health care services.


VOLUME C (Title 10)