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Title: Section 1004.24 - Registered organizations; disposal of medical marihuana

Effective Date


1004.24 Registered organizations; disposal of medical marihuana

(a) The disposal of medical marihuana shall mean that the medical marihuana has been rendered unrecoverable and beyond reclamation. 

(b) Registered organizations shall dispose of any medical marihuana that is outdated, damaged, deteriorated, contaminated or otherwise deemed not appropriate for manufacturing or dispensing, or any plant-based waste created as a by-product of the manufacturing processes. Registered organizations shall:

(1) obtain department approval of disposal methods; and

(2) dispose of liquid and chemical waste in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.

(c) registered organizations shall maintain records of disposal, which shall include:

(1) the type of plant material being disposed, if the material is a by-product of the manufacturing process;                                                                           

(2) the brand and form of approved medical marihuana product being disposed, if a finished product;        

(3) the weight of the disposed material, the number of plants, or in the case of a finished product, the quantity of the disposed product; and

(4) the signatures of at least two registered organization staff members who witnessed the disposal.

(d) All records of disposal shall be retained for at least five years and be made available for inspection by the department.


VOLUME E (Title 10)