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Title: Section 425.11 - Nursing services

Effective Date


425.11 Nursing services. The operator, directly or through the managed care plan that referred the registrant to the adult day health care program, must:

(a) evaluate the need of each registrant for nursing care on a periodic and continuing basis, but not less often than quarterly, and, when appropriate, provide or authorize such care;

(b) ensure that a registered professional nurse is on-site and performs a nursing evaluation of each registrant at the time of admission to the program, unless such nursing evaluation has been performed by the managed care plan prior to referring the registrant to the adult day health care program;

(c) ensure that for each registrant the findings of the nursing evaluation, the nursing care plan, and recommendations for nursing follow-up are documented, dated and signed in the registrant's clinical record;

(d) ensure that nursing services are provided to registrants under the direction of a registered professional nurse who is on-site in the adult day health care program during all hours of the program operation. Based on the care needs of the registrants, a licensed practical nurse may provide the on-site services under the supervision of a registered nurse; and

(e) ensure that appropriate health education is provided to registrants, family members and people chosen by the registrant to provide support in understanding and dealing with the registrant's health condition as it relates to his/her continued ability to reside in the community.  With respect to registrants referred to the adult day health care program by a managed care plan, the managed care plan shall be responsible for compliance with the requirements of this section.


VOLUME C (Title 10)