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Emergency Regulations

The following emergency regulations are currently in effect, having been filed by the Department of Health with the Secretary of State's Office on the date noted. The emergency regulations will be published in the State Register on the third Wednesday following the effective date. Initial emergency regulations are generally effective from the date of filing for 90 days. The same regulation may also be in the process for routine (permanent) rulemaking, with a review by the Governor's Office or open for public comment. For further information on the status of emergency regulations, you may contact:

  • Katherine Ceroalo
    New York State Department of Health
    Bureau of Program Counsel, Regulatory Affairs Unit
    Corning Tower, Empire State Plaza, Rm. 2438
    Albany, New York 12237-0031
    Phone: (518) 473-7488
    Fax: (518) 473-2019

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