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Title: Section 425.20 - General records

Effective Date


425.20 General records. The operator must:

(a) maintain on the premises of the program or facility the following registrant written records including the person-centered care plan, which must be easily retrievable and must include, but not be limited to, the following:

(1) a chronological admission register consisting of a daily chronological listing of registrants admitted by name with relevant clinical and social information about each, including as a minimum, name, address, next of kin, attending practitioner, principal diagnosis, and the place from which each registrant was admitted;

(2) a chronological discharge register consisting of a daily chronological listing of registrants discharged by name, the reason for discharge and the place to which the registrant was discharged;

(3) a daily census record consisting of a summary report of the daily registrant census with cumulative figures for each month and each year; and

(4) general records in conformance with sections 415.30(e) - (o) of this Subchapter.

(b) ensure that each record includes non-medical information consisting of:

(1) all details of the referral and registration;

(2) identification of next of kin, family and sponsor;

(3) the person or persons to be contacted in the event of emergency;

(4) accident and incident reports;

(5) non-medical correspondence and papers pertinent to the registrant's participation in the program; and

(6) a fiscal record including copies of all agreements or contracts.

(c) Maintain as public information, available for public inspection, records containing copies of all financial and inspection reports pertaining to the adult day health care services that have been filed with or issued by any governmental agency for six years from the date such reports are filed or issued.


VOLUME C (Title 10)