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Title: Section 455.6 - Plant operation and maintenance

455.6 Plant operation and maintenance. This functional reporting center must contain all the expenses associated with the maintenance, repair and service of buildings, fixed and movable equipment, and operating and utility systems, including minor renovation of buildings (including services of the building trades, i.e., carpentry, plumbing, electricity, painting, masonry, plastering and mechanical repairs); maintenance and repair of the following systems: domestic water supply, sewage treatment facility, domestic hot water storage and distribution; bulk oxygen distribution from entry into the buildings; biomedical equipment inspection, testing, maintenance and repair; electrical distribution; operation and maintenance of the boiler plant to include steam distribution piping up to and including PRV stations and the condensate return system from the receiving tanks to the boiler plant; emergency power system; air conditioning systems to include air handling equipment; incinerators and waste removal equipment; elevators and dumbwaiters. This center should include all similar services performed under contract. Additional activities include but are not limited to the following: technical assistance on equipment purchases and installations; coordinating construction; establishing priorities for repairs and utility systems and projects; service and maintenance of water and sewage treatment facilities; and maintenance of utilities such as heat, light, water, air conditioning and air treatment.

(a) Standard unit of measure: net square feet. The number of net square feet shall be determined using the center of the exterior walls of the facility, by floor. Measurement should be taken by floor to account for structural irregularities that may exist on various floors. When changes have been made during the year as a result of new construction, expansion, or curtailment of service, statistical data should be maintained to allow for the development of weighted areas for the fractional part of the year.

(b) Data source. Net square feet shall be determined from the blueprints of the residential health care facility, or actual measurement if blueprints are not available.


VOLUME D (Title 10)