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Title: Section 58-1.3 - Clinical laboratory supervision

58-1.3 Clinical laboratory supervision.

(a) A clinical laboratory shall have one or more supervisors who, under the general direction of the laboratory director, supervise technical personnel and reporting of findings, perform tests requiring special scientific skills, and, in the absence of the director, are responsible for the proper performance of all laboratory procedures.

(b) A laboratory director who qualifies pursuant to the provisions of section 19.2 of this Title shall also be deemed qualified as a supervisor.

(c) Depending upon the size and functions of the laboratory, the department may authorize the laboratory director to also serve as the supervisor of the laboratory.

(d) The supervisor shall be on the laboratory premises during all hours in which tests are performed. An exception to the on-premises requirement shall be applicable with respect to the performance of procedures required for emergency purposes; provided, that the person performing the test qualifies as a medical technologist pursuant to the provisions of section 58-1.5(b) of this Subpart, the results of his work are reviewed by the supervisor or director during his or her next duty period, and a record is maintained to reflect the actual review.

(e) An individual who qualifies as a supervisor pursuant to provisions of section 58-1.4(d) of this Subpart, shall supervise technical personnel in the specialty of cytology only.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)