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Title: Section 721.10 - Perinatal Affiliation Agreements and Transfer Agreements

Effective Date


Section 721.10 Perinatal affiliation agreements and transfer agreements.

(a) Each hospital with a Level I, II or III perinatal care service shall enter into and comply with a perinatal affiliation agreement with an RPC. Each hospital with a Level I or II perinatal care service may also enter into a transfer agreement with a hospital with a Level III perinatal care service if such an agreement would result in an acceptable level of care and provide a more convenient alternative than transfer to an RPC. All such agreements and amendments to such agreements shall be made available to the department, upon request. The terms of such agreements shall be mutually agreed upon by the affiliating hospitals.

(b) Changes in the identity of the RPC with which a hospital has a perinatal affiliation agreement may not be made more frequently than once annually. Such changes shall require 30 days prior notice to the department.


VOLUME E (Title 10)