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Title: Section 800.13 - Certification

Effective Date


800.13 Certification. The department: (a) shall grant reciprocal certification to any qualified person with out-of-state certification or licensure, provided that there are no outstanding violations or charges of violations of the rules or laws governing emergency medical services in the state(s) in which the person holds certification or licensure.

(1) Such certification shall expire on the same date as the applicant's out-of-state certification, except that such certification shall be for no more than three years.

(2) Candidates who are required to pass both the written and practical skills examinations as part of this process shall have the expiration of their certifications determined by section 800.17.

(b) May require the candidate to pass the written or practical skills examinations in order to determine the equivalency of training; and

(c) Shall keep the processing fee, even if the application for certification is denied.


VOLUME E (Title 10)