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Title: Section 9-1.5 - Commissioner's Order

Effective Date


Section 9-1.5 Commissioner's Order. The Commissioner has authority to issue orders to address dangers to the health of the people as set forth in Public Health Law ยง 16. The Commissioner can exercise such authority to address a violation of this Part if, in his or her opinion, such a danger exists. It is hereby recognized that, dependent upon the opinion and discretion of the Commissioner as applied to each circumstance, he or she may issue such an order in the event of a continuing or repeat violation of this Part at or by a retail establishment when the entity and/or its owner(s) or employee(s) knew or should have known of the violation. As determined by the Commissioner, such an order could require the closure of the retail establishment, among other relief. Although not required, this section serves as notice that such an order could be issued. The circumstances and relief described in this notice are only examples and in no way bind the Commissioner or limit his or her authority to issue such an order, or the relief set forth in such an order, under any circumstance whatsoever.


VOLUME A (Title 10)