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Title: Section 96.9 - Approved courses of study

Effective Date


96.9 Approved courses of study

(a) The Board shall establish an acceptable course content outline for each of the five required courses specified in Section 96.8 of this part identifying the minimum subject areas and topics required to provide the applicant with the knowledge and skills necessary to serve as a nursing home administrator.

(b) The content outlines shall be made available to accredited academic institutions seeking prior approval by the Board of their course(s) for the purpose of licensure.

(c) Academic institutions seeking prior approval of their course(s) shall follow the requirements set forth in Section 96.10 of this Part.

(d) The Board shall maintain a listing, available upon request, of approved courses offered by accredited academic institutions in each of the five subject areas, as such courses are approved by the Board.

(e) Applicants may submit course materials for review by the Board if the course does not have such prior approval. 

Statutory Authority

Public Health Law, Section 2896-b


VOLUME A-2 (Title 10)