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Title: Section 69-11.14 - Ova donation guidelines

Effective Date


69-11.14 Ova donation guidelines.

(a) Assisted reproduction service providers shall develop policies and procedures relating to the selection and evaluation of prospective ova donors as set forth in Part 52 of this Title.

(b) Such policies and procedures must adhere to the Department’s guidelines and best practices relating to screening of ova donors, which shall be published on the Department’s website.

(c) The Department shall develop and distribute, in printed and electronic form maintained on the Department’s website, informational material relating to ova donation, which shall be made available by the assisted reproduction services provider in hard copy to all prospective donors who contact such provider.

Statutory Authority

General Business Law, Section 1404 and Public Health Law, Sections 2599-cc and 4365(4)


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)