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Title: Section 415.32 Weekly bed census data survey

Effective Date


415.32 Weekly bed census data survey.

(a) Definitions.  As used in this section, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

(1) “Communications Directory” (Directory) shall mean a listing of all organizations with access to the HCS, ordered by type, and including the identity of and contact information for individuals at each organization who: (i) perform specific job functions identified by the Department; and/or (ii) have access to perform certain data exchange functions on the HCS.

(2) “HCS Coordinator” shall mean the individual designated by each organization with access to the HCS to be responsible for authorizing and managing accounts and maintaining other key information about the organization’s HCS users.   

(3) “Health Commerce System” (HCS) shall mean the Department’s secure Internet portal used for communications and information exchange with organizations including nursing homes and other health care providers or any successor system used for such information exchange as required by the Department. 

(4) “Health Electronic Reporting Data System” (HERDS) shall mean the data reporting application on the HCS that houses the Survey or any successor system used for such reporting as required by the Department. 

(5) “Nursing Home Data Reporter” shall mean the name of the role in the Directory that provides access to an individual designated by a nursing home to use HERDS.

(6) “Nursing Home Weekly Bed Census Survey” (Survey) shall mean an electronic survey used by each nursing home to report its bed census to the Department using HERDS. 

(7) “Role” shall mean the term used to indicate in the Directory the specific job functions and HCS data exchange functions assigned to individuals by each organization. 

(b) Submission of Surveys. 

(1) Each nursing home shall complete the Survey on HERDS on a weekly basis by indicating, for each category of bed, the total number of certified or approved beds and the number of those beds that are available.  The Survey shall be submitted on a weekly basis by individuals at the nursing home who are assigned to the Nursing Home Data Reporter role within the Directory. 

(2) Nursing homes shall report bed census data reflecting the weekly census taken every Wednesday at 12:00 a.m.  The nursing home’s designated Nursing Home Data Reporter shall enter and transmit the survey census data to the Department between Wednesday at 12:01 a.m. and the following Tuesday at 11:59 p.m.  Instructions for the Survey will be available on the HCS.

(c) Designation of Nursing Home Data Reporters.  Nursing homes shall, through their HCS Coordinators, designate a sufficient number of Nursing Home Data Reporters to ensure that the Survey is submitted to the Department in a timely manner.


Statutory Authority

Public Health Law, Section 2803(2)


VOLUME C (Title 10)