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Title: Section 770.5 - Assessments and Treatment Planning

Effective Date


Section 770.5  Assessments and Treatment Planning.

(a) A VFCA Health Facility shall arrange for limited health-related services for every child/youth in its care, consistent with 18 NYCRR section 441.22, in accordance with an individualized treatment plan pursuant to this section.

(b) Each VFCA Health Facility is responsible for developing and implementing an individualized treatment plan for each child/youth, including but not limited to the following:

(1) Identification of the child/youth’s needs in accordance with assessments under 18 NYCRR section 441.22.

(2) Recommended treatment, referral information, and follow-up appointments.

(3) Information for caregivers about healthy growth and development.

(4) Overall health assessments in the child/youth’s case planning to enhance service coordination and monitoring.

(5) If a child/youth has a chronic illness or condition requiring long-term medical, behavioral and developmental health, dental, or other services, the individualized treatment plan shall detail: proposed treatment, alternative treatments, and risks/benefits.

(6) Emergency protocols.

(c) The services to each child/youth shall be part of an individualized treatment plan recommended by and under the supervision and oversight of a physician, nurse practitioner, registered professional nurse, clinical nurse specialist, psychiatrist, psychologist, master social worker, clinical social worker, mental health counselor, marriage and family therapist, or psychoanalyst, as applicable, who meet state licensing requirements in accordance with applicable state law.

(d) The child/youth, his or her family and the service providers shall be encouraged to participate in the development of the individualized treatment plan.

(e) Individualized treatment plans shall be re-evaluated annually, or as needed, to determine whether services have contributed to meeting goals.

Statutory Authority

Public Health Law, Section 2999-gg


VOLUME E (Title 10)