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Title: Section 770.6 - Quality improvement activities

Effective Date


Section 770.6  Quality improvement activities.

(a) A VFCA Health Facility shall adopt quality improvement policies and procedures. On at least a biannual basis, the VFCA Health Facility shall analyze VFCA data, measure performance, and identify trends and opportunities for improvement. The VFCA Health Facility shall implement strategies to address areas of concern and areas that need improvement and periodically re-evaluate such strategies to assess effectiveness.

(b) The VFCA Health Facility shall adopt staffing protocols regarding the following:

(1) Provider credentials and maintenance.

(2) Professional continuing education.

(3) Pre-employment procedures to verify education and experience, and applicable background check.

(4) Staff and program evaluation.

(c) The VFCA shall conduct continuous quality improvement activities that include the following:

(1) Measures of child/youth safety.

(2) Medical record review.

(3) Complaint and incident review.

(4) Corrective actions pursuant to plans with specified time frames.

(5) Appropriate security, inventory controls and accountability for medications and related supplies.

Statutory Authority

Public Health Law, Section 2999-gg


VOLUME E (Title 10)