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Title: Section 5-1.74 - Approved laboratories

Effective Date


5-1.74 Approved laboratories. (a) For determining compliance with this Subpart, results of analyses, except for parameters listed in section 5-1.74(b), may be considered only if they have been performed by an environmental laboratory approved in accordance with Subpart 55-2 of this Title (10 NYCRR Part 55, Subpart 55-2). 

(b) Measurements for pH, temperature, conductivity, turbidity, disinfectant residual, alkalinity, calcium, orthophosphate, bromide, chlorite, total organic carbon (TOC) concentration, dissolved organic carbon concentration, ultraviolet (UV) absorption, and silica may be performed by any person with a demonstrated ability to perform these analyses. These analyses shall be conducted in accordance with 40 CFR Part 141. All necessary documentation required by the approved methods shall be retained by the water system conducting the analyses for a period of ten years.

(c) The owner of a water system shall ensure the approved environmental laboratory performing the analyses sends laboratory results to the department in a manner prescribed by the department.



VOLUME A (Title 10)