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Title: Section 7-1.1 - Definitions

Effective Date


Section 7-1.1. Definitions.

(a) Adequate shall mean sufficient to accomplish the purpose for which something is intended, and to such a degree that no unreasonable risk to health or safety is presented. An item installed, maintained, designed and assembled, an activity conducted, or act performed, in accordance with generally accepted standards, principles or practices applicable to a particular trade, business, occupation or profession, is adequate within the meaning of the Subpart.

(b) Camping unit shall mean a tent, camping cabin, recreational vehicle or other type of portable shelter intended, designed or used for temporary human occupancy.

(c) Occupancy unit shall mean a room or group of rooms forming a single habitable unit intended to be used for overnight occupancy.

(d) Permit-issuing official (PIO) shall mean the State Commissioner of Health, the health commissioner or health officer of a city of 50,000 population or over, the health commissioner or health officer of a county or part-county health district, the State regional health director or district director having jurisdiction, or any county or public health director having all the powers and duties prescribed in section 352 of the Public Health Law.

(e) Person shall mean an individual, group of individuals, partnership, firm, corporation, association, political subdivision, government agency, municipality, estate or any other legal entity.

(f) Potable water shall mean water provided or used for human consumption, food preparation, or for lavatory, culinary, bathing or laundry purposes.

(g) Public health hazard shall mean any existing or imminent condition, which can be responsible for or cause illness, physical injury or death.

(h) Refuse shall mean all putrescible and nonputrescible solid wastes, including garbage, rubbish, ashes, incinerator residue, street cleanup, dead animals, offal and solid commercial waste.

(i) Sewage shall mean excreta and the waste from a flush toilet, bath, sink, lavatory, dish washing or laundry machine, or the water-carried waste from any other fixture or equipment or machine.

(j) Temporary residence shall mean a tract or tracts of land and any hotel, motel, cabin colony, building, camping unit or other structures including worker housing that may be pertinent to its use, maintained primarily for overnight occupancy by persons who are provided at least some part or portion of the use of the facilities.

(k) Uniform Code shall mean the 19 NYCRR Chapter XXXIII, Subchapter A – State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code.


VOLUME A (Title 10)