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Title: Section 2.25 Contacts, date of last exposure, isolation and quarantine defined

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2.25 Contacts, date of last exposure, isolation and quarantine defined. For the purposes of this Part:

(a) The term household contacts shall include every person in a household wherein a case of communicable disease exists. By an adult is meant an individual 15 years of age or over.

(b) The term incidental contacts shall include persons other than household contacts who have been in contact with a person infected with a communicable disease.

(c) The date of last exposure of household contacts shall be the date of the removal of such household contacts to premises other than those where the case exists, or the date of the removal of the patient to other premises, or the date of release of the patient from isolation.

(d) Isolation shall consist of the separation from other persons, in such places, under such conditions, and for such time, as will prevent transmission of the infectious agent, of persons known to be ill or suspected of being infected.

(e) Quarantine of premises, except as specifically modified in other sections of this Chapter, shall consist of:

(1) prohibition of entrance into or exit from the premises, as designated by the health officer, where a case of communicable disease exists of any person other than medical attendants and such others as may be authorized by the health officer; and

(2) prohibition, without permission and instruction from the health officer, of the removal from such premises of any article liable to contamination with infective material through contact with the patient or with his secretions or excretions, unless such article has been disinfected.

(f) Personal quarantine shall mean restricting household contacts and/or incidental contacts to premises designated by the health officer.


VOLUME A (Title 10)