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Title: Section 2.60 - Face Coverings for COVID-19 Prevention

Effective Date


2.60 Face Coverings for COVID-19 Prevention

(a)  As determined by the Commissioner based on COVID-19 incidence and prevalence, as well as any other public health and/or clinical risk factors related to COVID-19 disease spread, any person who is two years of age or older and able to medically tolerate a face-covering may be required to cover their nose and mouth with a mask or face-covering when:

(1) in a public place and unable to maintain, or when not maintaining, physical distance; or

(2) in certain settings as determined by the Commissioner, which may include schools, public transit, homeless shelters, correctional facilities, nursing homes, and health care settings, and which may distinguish between individuals who are vaccinated against COVID-19 and those that are not vaccinated.  The Commissioner shall issue findings regarding the necessity of face-covering requirements at the time such requirements are announced.

(b) Businesses must provide, at their expense, face-coverings for their employees required to wear a mask or face-covering pursuant to subdivision (a) of this section.

(c) large-scale indoor event venues with more than five thousand attendees shall require patrons to wear face coverings consistent with subdivision (a) of this section; may require all patrons to wear a face covering irrespective of vaccination status; and may deny admittance to any person who fails to comply. This regulation shall be applied in a manner consistent with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, New York State or New York City Human Rights Law, and any other applicable provision of law.

(d) No business owner shall deny employment or services to or discriminate against any person on the basis that such person elects to wear a face-covering that is designed to inhibit the transmission of COVID-19, but that is not designed to otherwise obscure the identity of the individual.

(e) For purposes of this section face-coverings shall include, but are not limited to, cloth masks, surgical masks, and N-95 respirators that are worn to completely cover a person’s nose and mouth.

(f) Penalities and enforcement.

(i) A violation of any provision of this Section is subject to all civil and criminal penalties as provided for by law. Individuals or entities that violate this Section are subject to a maximum fine of $1,000 for each violation. For purposes of civil penalties, each day that an entity operates in a manner inconsistent with the Section shall constitute a separate violation under this Section.

(ii) All local health officers shall take such steps as may be necessary to enforce the provisions of this Section accordance with the Public Health Law and this Title.

Statutory Authority

Public Health Law, Sections 201, 206 and 225


VOLUME A (Title 10)