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Title: Section 341.1 - Council structure and function.

Section 341.1 Council structure and function. (a) The social services district shall establish an advisory council in accordance with the requirements of this Part and department guidelines.

(b) The commissioner of the social services district shall appoint the members of the advisory council.

(c) The advisory council shall consist of a minimum of 20 members, subject to such exceptions as the State Commissioner of Social Services may in his discretion permit, and shall be composed of the following classes of persons:

(1) recipients of public assistance (including SSI and food stamps), medical assistance and services-at least 25 percent;

(2) providers of social services, medical services and domiciliary care (other than employees of the State or local departments of social services); and

(3) members of the general public (including but not limited to representatives of professional social work associations, schools of social work, labor organizations, public interest groups, client advocates, community organizations and the business and financial community).

(d) The advisory council shall be involved, in an advisory capacity only, in policy development, program planning and program evaluation carried on by the social services district with respect to public assistance, medical assistance and services.


VOLUME A (Title 18)