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Title: Appendix 75-A.2 - Regulation by other agencies

Effective Date


Section 75-A.2 Regulation by other agencies.

(a) Where sewage treatment systems are to be located on the watersheds or well head area of public water supplies, the rules and regulations enacted by the State Department of Health for the protection of these supplies must be observed. Where systems are to be located on the watershed of any stream or body of water from which the City of New York obtains its water supply, the approval of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Water Resources, must also be obtained.

(b) This appendix establishes the minimum standards acceptable in New York State. Other agencies, such as the Adirondack Park Agency or local health departments may establish more stringent standards. Where such standards have been established, or approval by another agency is required, the more stringent standard shall apply.

(c) A local health department may not adopt standards less stringent than the State standard unless a General Waiver has been issued by the State Commissioner of Health or his designated representative as provided in Part 75 of this Title, or the local health department is otherwise legally authorized to adopt such standards.

(d) When individual sewage systems overlay a drinking water aquifer, local health departments may establish population density limits and minimum lot sizes for residential development with on-site sewage treatment systems.


VOLUME A-1a (Title 10)