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Title: Article 4 - Managed Care

Effective Date


ARTICLE 4Managed Care


Workers' Compensation Preferred Provider Organizations

________________________________________________________________________* The Department of Health repealed Articles 4 and 5 of the State HospitalCode in January 1978, and at the same time promulgated a new Article 4 andamendments to sections 700.2 and 704.1, all of this to be effective 60 daysafter filing. The revised material was published in the Official Compilationprior to its effective date. Also prior to the effective date, but afterpublication in the Official Compilation, the Department of Health deferredthe effective date until further action by the State Hospital Review andPlanning Council. Therefore, Articles 4 and 5, and sections 700.2 and 704.1,were reprinted, effective with the August 1978 supplement to the OfficialCompilation, as they appeared prior to January 1978.


VOLUME E (Title 10)