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Title: Section 1003.8 - Leadership and Management

Effective Date


1003.8 Leadership and Management

(a) An ACO must have a leadership and management structure that supports the delivery of an array of health care services for the purpose of improving quality of care, health outcomes and coordination and accountability of services provided to patients.

(b) The ACO’s operations must be managed by an executive officer, manager, general partner, or similar party whose appointment and removal are under the control of the ACO’s governing body and whose leadership team has demonstrated the ability to influence or direct clinical practice to improve efficiency processes and health outcomes.

(c) The ACO’s organization and management structure must include an organizational chart, a list of committees (including names of committee members) and their structures, and job descriptions for senior administrative and clinical leaders.

(d) The ACO’s finances, including dividends and other return on capital, debt structure, executive compensation, and ACO participant compensation, shall be arranged and conducted to maximize the goals of the ACO, as outlined in subdivision (a) of this section.

(e) The clinical management and oversight must be managed by a medical director who is a licensed physician pursuant to Title 8 of the Education Law and one of its ACO participants, and who is physically present on a regular basis at any of the clinics, offices, or other locations participating in the ACO.


VOLUME E (Title 10)