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Title: Section 11.0 - Purpose, scope and construction

Effective Date



Section 11.0 Purpose, scope and construction. (a) In keeping with the State of New York's responsibility to protect the health of its citizens, this Part establishes basic minimal qualifications for entry level and first supervisory level public health professionals.

(b) This Part is not meant to establish job titles and job classifications within a profession, but rather to establish the minimum qualifications which a person must possess in order to function at the entry and first supervisory level within specific public health professions.

(c) Additional job titles, job classifications (i.e., career ladder development) within each profession are developed by local and State civil service agencies. In no case may the qualifications for these titles and classifications be less than the minimum standards established by this Part for entry or first supervisory level positions.

(d) All public health professionals in the employ of local health departments on June 2, 2008, and in a title described in this part at the entry or supervisory level, shall be considered as meeting the qualifications prescribed by this Part for the title held in the entry or supervisory levels, respectively.

(e) Any individual whose qualifications are disapproved by the local civil service agency or the State Commissioner of Health or County Commissioner or Public Health Director may request a review of such disapproval by the Public Health Council. The Public Health Council shall determine whether such disapproval is supported by substantial evidence.


VOLUME A (Title 10)