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Title: Section 13.3 - Disinterments

Effective Date


13.3 Disinterments.

(a) No dead human bodies shall be disinterred for transportation and/or removal to another cemetery or crematory without a permit from the registrar of vital statistics having jurisdiction at the place of disinterment. No permit is necessary for removal within the same cemetery.

(b) The funeral director or undertaker shall make a request to disinter the body on a form provided by the commissioner. Upon receipt of such request, the local registrar shall issue a permit as required by subdivision (a) of section 13.1 of this Part.

(c) If the original burial container has not retained its integrity, transfer to another container shall be required if transportation of the body is necessary. If the remains are to be transported by common carrier, the provisions of subdivision (b) of section 13.1 shall apply.


VOLUME A (Title 10)