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Title: Section 14-1.101 - Equipment installation

Effective Date


14-1.101 Equipment installation.

(a) Equipment, unless easily movable, is to be:

(1) sealed to the floor;

(2) installed on a raised platform of concrete or other smooth masonry, in a way that meets all the requirements for sealing or floor clearance; or

(3) elevated on legs to provide at least a six-inch (15.2-centimeter) clearance between the floor and the equipment.

(b) Equipment is easily movable if it is mounted on wheels or casters; has no utility connection or has a utility connection that disconnects quickly, or has a flexible utility line of sufficient length to permit the equipment to be moved for easy cleaning.

(c) Equipment is to be sealed to adjoining equipment or adjacent walls and ceilings unless sufficient space is provided for easy cleaning between, behind and above each unit of fixed equipment.


VOLUME A (Title 10)