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Title: Section 14-1.113 - Mechanical cleaning and sanitizing.

Effective Date


14-1.113 Mechanical cleaning and sanitizing.

(a) Cleaning and sanitizing may be done by spray type or immersion dishwashing machines or by any other type of machine or device demonstrated to thoroughly clean and sanitize equipment and utensils. These machines and devices are to be installed and maintained in good repair and operated in accordance with manufacturers' instructions. Utensils and equipment placed in the machines are to be exposed to all cycles. Automatic detergent dispensers, wetting agent dispensers, and liquid sanitizer injectors, if any, are to be properly installed and maintained.

(b) Machines are to have the wash water and the pumped rinse water kept clean. The final rinse water, when used as the sanitizer, is to be maintained at the temperature required by the manufacturer to sanitize under normal conditions of operation.

(c) All dishwashing machines are to be cleaned at least once a day, or more often when necessary, to maintain them in a satisfactory operating condition.


VOLUME A (Title 10)