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Title: Section 14-1.140 - Plumbing

Effective Date



14-1.140 Plumbing.

(a) Plumbing is to be sized, installed and maintained to carry adequate quantities of potable hot and cold water at satisfactory pressure to all parts of the food service establishment where needed for satisfactory operation. Sewage and liquid wastes are to be carried to the sewer or sewage disposal facility in a manner which protects the premises, personnel and contents within the establishment and surroundings from contamination. All plumbing is to be constructed and maintained to prevent contamination of the potable water supply, food, equipment, utensils, the premises, contents, employees and patrons. There is to be no direct connection between the sewage system and any drains originating from fixtures and equipment used for storage, preparation or processing of food or drink. Waste lines from equipment requiring indirect drains are to be installed so as to prevent backflow from sewers and drains from other fixtures.

(b) Carbonated beverage dispensers connected to a water supply system are to be equipped with an air gap at the water inlet, or a double check valve vented to discharge carbon dioxide gas to the atmosphere that provides positive protection against the entrance of carbon dioxide or carbonated water into the water supply system. All water contact surfaces downstream from this protective device are to be of materials that will not produce toxic substances when exposed to carbon dioxide or carbonated water.

(c) All lines conducting carbon dioxide gas or carbonated beverages are to be stainless steel, food-grade plastic or other material that will not produce toxic substances when exposed to carbon dioxide or carbonated water.


VOLUME A (Title 10)