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Title: Section 14-1.194 - Enforcement

Effective Date


14-1.194 Enforcement.

(a) Operation of a food service establishment without a permit is a violation of this Subpart. The permit-issuing official or his designated representative may order any food service establishment or operation in his jurisdiction, operating without a valid permit, to close and cease all food operations immediately, and to remain closed until the establishment or operation has obtained and displays a valid permit.

(b) For serious, repeated or persistent violations of any of the requirements of this Subpart, or for interference with the permit-issuing official or his designated representative in the performance of his duties, the permit may be revoked after notice and an opportunity for a hearing has been provided by the permit-issuing official.

(c) The permit-issuing official may suspend a permit and order immediate cessation of operations and service of food at a food service establishment within his jurisdiction when in his opinion continued operation is an imminent hazard to public health. Any person so ordered is to comply immediately, and within 15 days is to be provided with an opportunity to be heard and to present proof that continued operation does not constitute a danger to the public health.


VOLUME A (Title 10)