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Title: Section 14-1.43 - Storage of food; general requirements

Effective Date


14-1.43 Storage of food; general requirements.

(a) Containers of food are to be stored a minimum of six inches (14.24 centimeters) above the floor to protect the food from splash and other contamination, and at a height to permit easy cleaning of storage area.

(b) Food and containers of food and food wrapping materials are not to be stored under exposed or unprotected sewer lines. The storage of same in toilet rooms is prohibited.

(c) Food not subject to further washing or cooking is to be stored and protected against cross-contamination from food requiring washing and cooking.

(d) Packaged food is not to be stored in contact with water or undrained ice. Ice intended for human consumption is not to be used as a medium for cooling stored food, food containers or food utensils.

(e) Food which is not readily identifiable is to be stored in properly labeled original product containers or in containers labeled to identify the food by common name.


VOLUME A (Title 10)