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Title: Section 14-1.60 - Poisonous and toxic materials; restrictions; labeling and storage

Effective Date



14-1.60 Poisonous and toxic materials; restrictions; labeling and storage.

Poisonous and toxic materials are restricted to those required to maintain sanitary conditions, which include pest control and sanitization, and when so used in food establishments are to be prominently labeled and lawfully permitted under State and Federal regulations, and are to be used in accordance with label directions.

(a) Poisonous and toxic materials are to be stored in areas designated for such use and for no other purpose, or in a storage area outside the food, equipment and utensil storage area. Bactericides and cleaning compounds are not to be stored with insecticides, rodenticides or other poisonous materials. Insecticides and rodenticides are to be kept in their original containers. Insecticide spraying is prohibited in food preparation and service areas while food is being processed, prepared or served, or where unprotected food, clean utensils or containers are displayed or stored.

(b) Bactericides, cleaning compounds or other compounds used on food-contact surfaces are not to leave toxic residues on such surfaces.

(c) Phenolic compounds may not be used for sanitizing food-contact surfaces.

(d) First-aid supplies and personal medications are restricted to designated locations.

(e) The use of unprotected bait stations in food storage, service and preparation areas and in utensil washing and storage areas is forbidden.

Statutory Authority

Public Health Law, Section 225


VOLUME A (Title 10)