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Title: Section 14-1.91 - Equipment and utensils; materials permitted and prohibited

Effective Date


14-1.91 Equipment and utensils; materials permitted and prohibited.

(a) Materials, including food-grade plastics used in the construction and repair of equipment and utensils are to be nontoxic, not affected by foods, cleaning compounds, or such other substances which may be found in the use environment, non-absorbent and durable under normal use. They are not to impart odor, color or taste nor contribute to the contamination of food, and are to maintain their original properties under repeated use. Painted food-contact surfaces are prohibited.

(b) Hard maple or other equivalent nonabsorbent material meeting the above criteria may be used for cutting blocks and cutting boards, baker's tables and work surfaces, and are to be maintained in a smooth, clean condition.

(c) Canvas, cloth and other porous material, other than for single-service use, are prohibited as a food-contact surface.

(d) Materials are to be of sufficient weight and thickness to permit cleaning and sanitizing.

(e) Tubing conveying beverages or beverage ingredients is to be fabricated from food-grade materials.


VOLUME A (Title 10)