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Title: Section 14-2.1 - Definition of temporary food service establishment and frozen desserts

Effective Date


14-2.1 Definition of temporary food service establishment and frozen desserts.

(a) A "temporary food service establishment" means a place where food is prepared or handled and served to the public, with or without charge, and which operates at a fixed location in conjunction with a single event or celebration of not more than 14 consecutive days duration.

(b) "Frozen desserts" are ice cream, frozen custard, French ice cream, French custard ice cream, artificially sweetened ice cream, ice milk, artificially sweetened ice milk, fruit sherbet, non-fruit sherbet, water ices, non-fruit water ices, confection frozen without stirring, dairy confection frozen without stirring, manufactured dessert mix, frozen confection, melloream frozen dessert, parevine, frozen yogurt, freezer made shakes, freezer made milk shakes, dietary frozen dessert, whipped cream confection and bisque tortoni, as all such products are commonly known, together with any mix used in making such frozen desserts, and any products which are similar in appearance, odor or taste to such products, or are prepared or frozen as frozen desserts are customarily prepared and frozen, whether made with dairy products or non-dairy products. Any operation producing chips or flakes of ice made from water with or without additives, served to the consumer with our without flavorings added by the operator or consumer, is included as a retail frozen dessert within this definition. This operation is commonly known as a slush operation.

(c) Retail frozen desserts are to be manufactured from ingredients and are to be identified in conformance with the applicable requirements of Part 39 of the rules and regulations of the State Department of Agriculture and Markets (1 NYCRR Part 39).


VOLUME A (Title 10)