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Title: Section 14-2.6 - Equipment

Effective Date


14-2.6 Equipment.

(a) Equipment is to be constructed, located, and installed in a way that prevents food contamination and facilitates cleaning the establishment.

(b) Food-contact surfaces are to be smooth and free from cracks or pits and are to be easily cleanable. All food contact surfaces are to be kept clean and sanitized immediately prior to and during use as needed to prevent food contamination.

(c) Non-food-contact surfaces are to be kept free of built-up soil, grease, food encrustations or similar deposits.

(d) Single-service articles are to be furnished consumers at all temporary food service establishments which do not have effective facilities for cleaning and sanitizing tableware.

(e) When food operations are conducted in other than daylight hours, artificial light is to be installed to at least 20 footcandles of light at all food-contact and food preparation surfaces. Artificial lighting fixtures located over or by food preparation and food service facilities are to be protected to prevent broken glass from falling into food or onto food-contact surfaces.


VOLUME A (Title 10)