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Title: Section 14-4.120 - Water supply

Effective Date



14-4.120 Water supply.

(a) Water supplied a mobile food service establishment or pushcart is to be obtained from a supply complying with the requirements of Part 5 of this Title. The water storage tank, fill piping and distribution piping are to be installed and maintained to protect the water from contamination. The entire system is to be constructed to be drained by gravity.

(b) A water system with a storage tank of at least 40 gallons is to be provided in a mobile food service establishment unless all food served is prepackaged and wrapped at a commissary or food processing establishment, or a lesser or greater amount is acceptable to the permit-issuing official. The permit-issuing official may allow mobile food service establishments that perform minimal food handling away from the commissary to carry less than 40 gallons of water, providing that a sufficient quantity of water be stored for food preparation, utensil cleaning and handwashing.

(c) Bottled and packaged potable water is to be obtained from a source approved by the State Commissioner of Health and handled and stored in a way that protects it from contamination. Bottled and packaged potable water is to be dispensed in the original container.


VOLUME A (Title 10)