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Title: Section 14-4.181 - Commissary

Effective Date


14-4.181 Commissary. A mobile food service establishment and pushcart commissary is to meet the requirements of this Subpart and Subpart 14-1 of this Part and is to be constructed, equipped and maintained so that:

(a) the interior of the building is clean, free from rodents and insects, odors, pooled water, garbage, debris and unnecessary materials and equipment;

(b) there is adequate space in the building to permit access for cleaning of the largest mobile unit, separate from storage areas for food, ingredients, equipment, tableware and utensils;

(c) acceptable cleaning and sanitizing facilities are provided, including storage for cleaned equipment and utensils which protects them from contamination;

(d) lighting is not less than 30 footcandles at working surfaces in food handling and equipment cleaning areas;

(e) toilet and adjacent handwashing facilities are readily available to all employees of mobile units and the depot, together with lockers for clothing and personal possessions;

(f) storage facilities are constructed and maintained to prevent contamination of all materials and supplies, including mixes, flavors, syrups, edibles, single-service items;

(g) a supply of hot and cold potable water under pressure is available whenever needed in quantities required for sanitation and other operations;

(h) all plumbing is constructed and installed in a manner to protect the water supply, food, equipment and utensils from contamination;

(i) all waste, sewage and waste water is disposed of in a system accepted by the permit-issuing official without contamination of the premises; and

(j) the entire premises is operated and maintained in a sanitary condition, does not create a nuisance, and is not a potential source of contamination.


VOLUME A (Title 10)