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Title: Section 14-5.100 - Vending machine location

Effective Date



14-5.100 Vending machine location.

(a) Vending machines, ovens and other equipment used in connection with a food vending operation are to be located in a room, area or space which is maintained in a clean condition and which is protected from overhead leakage or condensation from water, waste or sewer piping. The immediate area in which the equipment is located is to have adequate ventilation to remove odors and fumes. Each vending machine is to be located so that the space around and under the machine is easily cleaned and maintained, and so that insect and rodent harborage is not created.

(b) The floor area where vending machines are located is to be cleanable and capable of withstanding repeated cleaning operations. This space and the immediate surroundings of each vending machine are to be maintained in a clean condition.

(c) Handwashing facilities, including hot and cold or tempered running water, soap and individual towels, are to be convenient to the machine location and available for use by employees servicing or loading food vending machines.

(d) The immediate area in which a food vending machine operation is located is to have at least 20 foot candles of lighting during times of operation at vending machine operating surfaces, condiment dispensing tables, ovens, and at least 10 foot candles at tables furnished for eating.


VOLUME A (Title 10)