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Title: Section 14-5.120 - Water supply

Effective Date



14-5.120 Water supply.

(a) The water supply is to be adequate, safe, of sanitary quality from an acceptable source that meets the requirements of Part 5 of this Title.

(b) (1) Water used as a food ingredient is to be piped to the vending machine under pressure, except that in controlled-location vending machines, water obtained from a safe source may be carried to the machines in sanitary containers that protect it from contamination.

(2) External water fill ports or drawers of controlled-location vending machines are to be designed so that covers and drawers are secured to the machine. Where unauthorized persons may have access to these machines, external fill port covers or drawers are to be equipped with locks.

(c) Water filters or other water-conditioning devices are to be approved for such use by the State Commissioner of Health, and are to be disassembled for periodic cleaning or replacement of the active element. Replacement elements are to be handled in a sanitary manner.

(d) Carbonated beverage dispensers connected to a water supply system are to be equipped with an air gap at the water inlet, or a double check valve, vented to discharge carbon dioxide gas to the atmosphere, that provides positive protection against the entrance of carbon dioxide or carbonated water into the water supply system, or other device acceptable to the State Commissioner of Health. All water-contact surfaces downstream from this protection device are to be of materials that will not produce toxic substances when exposed to carbon dioxide or carbonated water.

(e) All lines conducting carbonated beverages or carbon dioxide gas are to be stainless steel, food-grade plastic or other material that will not produce toxic substances when exposed to carbon dioxide or carbonated beverages.


VOLUME A (Title 10)