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Title: Section 14-5.143 - Handwashing facilities

Effective Date


14-5.143 Handwashing facilities.

(a) Handwashing facilities are to be provided and maintained for use by food vending operation attendants and servicers. Sinks not in use for utensil or equipment washing may be used for handwashing.

(b) Each handwashing facility is to be provided with running hot and cold or tempered potable water. Self-closing or metering faucets used are to provide a flow of water for at least 15 seconds without need to reactivate the faucet. Steam mixing valves are prohibited.

(c) Each handwashing facility is to be provided with hand-cleaning soap or detergent with a sanitary storage receptacle. Individual single-service towels, warm air blowers or clean individual sections of continuous cloth are to be provided. Common towels are prohibited. Conveniently located waste receptacles are to be provided if disposable towels are used.

(d) Handwashing facilities, soap or detergent receptacles, handwashing devices and related facilities are to be kept clean and in good repair.

(e) Handwashing signs are to be posted at all employee handwashing facilities.


VOLUME A (Title 10)