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Title: Section 14-5.150 - Garbage and refuse storage and disposal

Effective Date



14-5.150 Garbage and refuse storage and disposal.

(a) Garbage and refuse is to be stored, handled and disposed of in a manner that protects food and food-contact surfaces from contamination and the premises from litter.

(b) Self-closing, leak-proof, easily cleanable, insect-proof and rodent-proof waste receptacles are to be provided and maintained at each food vending operation, of adequate capacity to receive used cups, cartons, wrappers, straws, closures and other items. Plastic bags and wet-strength paper bags may be used to line the receptacles. Soiled waste receptacles are to be kept clean to prevent insect and rodent attraction, or creation of a nuisance.

(c) Except for machines dispensing only packaged food with crown closures, waste receptacles are not to be located within the vending machine.

(d) Waste receptacles are not to be located in a manner that will create a nuisance or prevent space around and under the counter or enclosure from being easily cleaned and maintained. Suitable racks or cases are to be provided for multi-use containers or bottles.

(e) Containers are to be provided within all machines dispensing liquid food in bulk for the collection of drip, spillage, overflow or other internal wastes. Such machines are to be equipped with an automatic shut-off device at the waste pail, or other devices or valves which will place the machine out of operation before the waste pail overflows, except that controlled-location vending machines not connected to a water supply system, and which generate no internal liquid wastes, may be equipped with easily removable drip pans at the dispensing platform in lieu of internal waste containers and automatic shut-off devices.

(f) Containers or surfaces on which such wastes may accumulate are to be readily removable for cleaning, easily cleanable, and corrosion-resistant. If liquid wastes from drip, spillage or overflow, which originate within the machine, are discharged into a sewage system, the connection to the sewer is to be an indirect drain.


VOLUME A (Title 10)