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Title: Section 14-5.87 - Protection of food in vending machines

Effective Date


14-5.87 Protection of food in vending machines.

The openings into all nonpressurized containers used for the storage of vendable food, including water, are to be provided with covers which prevent contamination from reaching the interior of the containers. These covers are to be designed to provide a flange which overlaps the openings, and are to be sloped to drain wherever the collection of condensation, moisture or splash is possible. Concave covers or cover areas are prohibited. Any port opening through the cover is to be flanged upward at least 3/16 inch, and is to be provided with an overlapping cover flanged downward. Condensation-, drip- or dust-deflecting aprons are to be provided on all piping, thermometers, equipment, rotary shafts, and other functional parts extending into the food container unless a watertight joint is provided. Such aprons are to be considered as satisfactory covers for those openings which are in continuous use. Gaskets, if used, are to be of safe materials, nonabsorbent, and are to have a smooth surface. All gasket retaining grooves are to be easily cleanable.


VOLUME A (Title 10)