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Title: Section 14-5.88 - Food protection during dispensing

Effective Date


14-5.88 Food protection during dispensing.

The delivery tube or chute and orifice of bulk food vending machines are to be protected from normal manual contact, dust, insects, rodents and other contamination. The design is to divert condensation or moisture from the normal filling position of the container receiving the food. The vending stage of such machines is to be provided with a tight-fitting, self-closing door or cover which is kept closed except when food is being removed. The cup-filling area or platform of controlled-location vending machines does not require a door or cover if there is no opening into the cabinet interior at that point other than for dispensing tube(s) or trapped waste tubing. The dispensing compartment of prepackaged candy and similar product vending machines is to be equipped with a self-closing lid at the vending locations where insect or rodent entry into the machine may occur.


VOLUME A (Title 10)