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Title: Section 14-5.92 - Free-standing vending machines

Effective Date


14-5.92 Free-standing vending machines.

(a) Free-standing vending machines are to:

(1) be light enough to be manually moved with ease by one person;

(2) be elevated on legs or extended sidewalls to afford, with or without kickplates, an unobstructed vertical space of at least six inches under the machine;

(3) be mounted on rollers or casters which permit easy movement; or

(4) be sealed to the floor. Where used, kickplates are to be easily removable or be capable of being rotated.

(b) Counter-type machines are to be:

(1) sealed to the counter;

(2) mounted on four-inch legs or the equivalent; or

(3) easily movable for cleaning with service connections in place.


VOLUME A (Title 10)