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Title: Section 15.10 - Commissary and sale of food

Effective Date


15.10 Food preparation and service. Adequate facilities to allow safe storage, preparation, and service of food shall be provided.

(a) Central kitchen or commissary. Wherever meals are furnished or offered for sale in a central kitchen or commissary the provisions of Subpart 14-1 of this Chapter must be met.

(b) Cooking and dining facilities. When meals are not furnished or sold to the occupants, adequate cooking and dining facilities must be provided. This may be accomplished by providing either a common cooking area consisting of a separate well-lighted and ventilated room which is adequately equipped for cooking and dining, or by providing facilities for cooking and dining within each individual dwelling unit. When the required cooking and dining facilities are provided within individual dwelling units, the facilities shall be located either in a separate room, or a separate area of at least 10 square feet per person shall be set aside for this purpose.

(1) In housing constructed after May 1, 1997, where occupants are requird to cook, live and sleep in the same room, a minimum of 100 square feet of floor area is required for each occupant.

(c) A cooking area shall be considered adequately equipped when it contains the following items as a minimum:

(1) properly installed cook stoves with a minimum of two burners in each individual dwelling unit. Existing housing facilities with common cooking areas shall have adequate cook stoves providing a ratio of two burners per 5 occupants or fraction thereof, unless the permittee demonstrates to the permit-issuing official that the cooking demands of the camp population are adequately met by the existing ratio of two burners per 10 occupants or fraction thereof. All housing constructed after May 1, 1997, shall have cook stoves providing a ratio of 2 burners per 5 occupants or fraction thereof. Cooking equipment must be maintained in proper operating condition;

(2) an adequate amount of food and utensil storage shelves and counter space for food preparation; shelves and counters shall be constructed of materials that are non-toxic, non-absorbent and easily cleanable, and shall be maintained in good repair;

(3) adequate provisions for safe storage and mechanical refrigeration of food at a temperature of not more than 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Refrigeration equipment must be maintained;

(4) tables and chairs or equivalent seating with adequate capacity for the intended use. The tables and chairs shall be maintained in good repair;

(5) a dishwash sink which is supplied with cold running water, adequate in size for the intended use, and adequately installed and maintained. Hot water should be readily accessible for dishwashing needs;

(6) non-absorbent, easily-cleaned wall and floor surfaces in food preparation, cooking and dishwashing areas; and,

(7) all housing constructed or modified after May 21, 1969 shall be equipped with a sink supplied with hot and cold running water.


VOLUME A (Title 10)