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Title: Section 15.13 - Miscellaneous; duties of permittee

Effective Date


15.13 Miscellaneous; duties of permittee.

(a) Medical emergency access. Arrangements shall be made to assure access to adequate medical care at or readily available to the migrant farmworker housing. All occupants shall have access to an adequate communication system for summoning help in the event of a medical or safety emergency. An adequate first-aid kit shall be available for use by the occupants of the housing facility.

(b) The permittee shall be responsible for maintaining all dwelling units in a structurally sound condition which prevents infestation by rodents and insects, and shall be responsible for providing or obtaining any required extermination.

(c) Hazardous materials. (1) Storage. No flammable or volatile liquids or materials shall be stored in or adjacent to rooms used for living purposes, except for those needed for current household use. Agriculture chemicals including pesticides shall not be stored in the housing area.

(2) Contamination of housing. Whenever the buildings of a regulated migrant farmworker housing facility are contaminated, or suspected of being contaminated by hazardous materials, chemicals or pesticides, the occupancy or use of the housing facilities may be restricted by the permit issuing official until required decontamination and/or corrective actions are completed.


VOLUME A (Title 10)