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Title: Section 15.7 - Water

Effective Date


Section 15.7 Water. Every water supply serving a migrant farmworker housing facility shall comply with requirements of Part 5 of this Title, and in addition, shall meet the following requirements:

(a) The water supply shall not exceed the maximum contaminant levels in sections 5-1.51 and 5-1.52 contained in Subpart 5-1 of this Title.

(b) Minimum standards. Potable water shall be adequate in quantity and quality and shall be readily available to occupants of the property. Only potable water shall be so delivered or piped as to be easily accessible.

(c) Source protection. All potable water sources and distribution systems shall be designed, located, constructed and maintained to provide protection against contamination or pollution. All pumps, piping, fixtures and appurtenances shall be adequately installed and maintained to protect against contamination of any water source.

(d) Connections prohibited. There shall be no physical connection between the potable water supply and any non potable water supply. Any fixture, installation or equipment which is subject to back-siphonage shall be adequately installed and maintained to protect against contamination of any water source.

(e) A minimum pressure of 20 pounds per square inch, at peak demand, shall be maintained in all parts of the distribution system.

(f) Reports on water treatment. When a water treatment process is required to maintain adequate water quality, accurate and complete reports on the operation of the treatment system shall be maintained daily and submitted at least monthly to the permit issuing official on a form supplied for this purpose.

(g) Interruptions, changes in sources or treatments. Any incident or condition which effects the quantity or quality of the onsite potable water supply shall be reported to the permit-issuing official within 24 hours of occurrence. There shall be no changes made to the source, or method of treatment of a potable water supply, either temporary or permanent, without first receiving approval from the permit-issuing official. An adequate supply of potable water must be provided and maintained during all times of operation.


VOLUME A (Title 10)